Correct dress is important from both a safety perspective and as good manners. This shows respect for the Hunt and for those kind enough to allow us to ride over their land. Hard hats and good boots should be worn by all so that any damage is minimised in the event of a fall or catching your leg on a gate.

Gentlemen can wear either black or tweed jackets (blue for Members only). Ladies should wear black, blue or tweed jackets. A stock and stock pin is usually worn but no other jewellery as this can be dangerous in the event of an accident.

Children should wear a tweed jacket and shirt and tie. It is advisable for them to also wear a medical armband and body protector. Every child should have a responsible adult who will look out for them and be there in case of a problem.

Horses should be unplaited up until the Opening Meet and plaited thereafter. They should always be clean and tack should be kept in good order.


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