Many enthusiasts get huge enjoyment from following hounds on foot and come out in all weather.

The Hampshire Hunt is fortunate to have an active Supporters Club which is hugely generous in its fund-raising efforts on our behalf, organising events including our annual horse show and quiz nights throughout the year.

If you are following on foot, do take note of the points below:

  • Please ensure that you arrive in good time and listen to any specific instructions given by the Field Master as they will have relevant information for everyone
  • On arrival find the relevatn person collecting the foot followers' cap and offer your contribution
  • If you are a regular foot follower, we encourage you to subscribe to the Hunt and/or be a members of the supporters club
  • Do not park your car on a corner gateway or anywhere which will block other road traffic, the huntsman or mounted field
  • Avoid parking on newly mown verges or in driveways
  • Keep your engine switched off when parked so that other followers can hear what's going on. 
  • If you're standing at a gate, please open or close it for hunt staff and the field, they will really appreciate it
  • Please offer assistance if stock escape or in the case of accident
  • Do not get too close to where hounds are working and beware of horses


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