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Many Hunt enthusiasts gain huge enjoyment from following hounds on foot and can be seen out in all weathers.

The Hampshire Hunt is fortunate to have an active Hunt Supporters Club which is most generous in its fund-raising efforts on behalf of the Hunt, organising various events such as horse shows and quiz nights throughout the year.

If you decide to follow on foot, the following pointers will stand you in good stead:

  • On arrival at the meet, find the person collecting the foot follower's cap and offer your contribution
  • Do not park your car on a corner gateway or anywhere which will impede the passage of other road traffic or of the Huntsman or mounted field
  • Please avoid parking on newly mown verges or in people's drives
  • Keep your engine switched off when parked so that other followers can hear hounds and huntsman. This also avoids undue pollution by fumes
  • Please open or close gates as necessary for both Huntsman and the mounted Field
  • Please offer assistance if any stock escape or in the case of accident
  • If on foot, do not get too close to where the hounds are working and beware of horses!
  • Please ensure that you arrive at the Meet in good time and listen to any specific instructions given by the Field Master as he will usually have relevant information
  • All regular foot followers should either subscribe to the Hunt and/or be Members of the HH Supporters Club


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