• Always follow instructions of the Field Master, don't overtake them and stay behind them unless specifically asked to do otherwise
  • Always give way to the huntsman, whipper-in, hounds, master and hunt quad bike – move out of the way to let them past, turning your horse to face them in order to avoid risk of being in the way
  • Always turn your horse to face hounds if they come close to you so as to minimise risk of kicking a hound. To kick a hound is a real sin and you must ensure you find and inform the Master as soon as you can
  • Do not ride with the huntsman, whipper-in or hounds at any time
  • If you hear another rider shout 'gate please' this pass it back to the person behind you. If you are the last person to go through a gate, please ensure you shut it. If the Huntsman or Master comes to a closed gate it is courteous to offer to open it for them
  • Do not get too close to the horse in front as it might kick you evenif there is no red ribbon on its tail
  • Do not crowd gateways or jumps and if you refuse a jump get out of the way and await your turn
  • Ensure that passing cars are allowed through and do not block roads
  • Wait after passing through a narrow gap or gate so the next horse doesn't charge through because it can't see anyone ahead
  • If someone falls off or needs to dismount, wait with them so that their horse stands still to enable them to re-mount
  • Do not ride on crops or on Countryside Stewardship Strips
  • If passing through a field with cattle or sheep, ensure that you go slowly so as not to panic them
  • Only join the Huntsman and hounds if invited to do so
  • Please let the Master know if you damage a fence or jump so that it can be repaired
  • If riding a novice or nervous horse, tie a green ribbon around his tail to warn others. Likewise if your horse is known to kick then use a red ribbon and stay at the back of the field, a good distance from others.
  • A horse that is out of control should not be brought onto the hunting field as it can be a danger to both rider and others
  • Please thank cars which slow, stop or may have been held up on the roads and ensure this is done with an open hand and not one holding your whip
  • When coming to the meet please check parking arrangements with the Secretary in advance as not all allow parking
  • When arriving at the meet, it is good manners to say good morning to the Master when you arrive and find the Secretary to hand over your Cap or Field Money
  • When go home try an find the Master, say goodnight and thank them for the day




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