All you need to know about hunting with the "HH"

What to do if you want to come out hunting with the "HH":
In the first instance, call the Joint Hon Secretaries, Emmy and Roddy Watt on 01420 562090 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
They will advise you as to where the meet is and where to park. We hope that you will enjoy hunting with the HH and come back again!

How much will it cost me?
Please contact the Secretaries as above and they will advise you of current charges

How does the day work?
Generally the Hunt meets at a designated "meet" which is usually kindly hosted by a local farmer or landowner. This takes place at 11.00 AM (except for the month of March when it moves to 12.00). The meet usually lasts around 20 minutes or so before the field moves off.

'The Field' means the people who are riding to hounds and they should always give way to the Field Master and obey all his or her instructions.

You do not have to stay out all day but can choose to remain as long as you wish. It is courteous to thank the Field Master and say 'Goodnight' before leaving.
The Countryside Alliance has information on hunting and the hunting camaign on its web site - 
Click here for the link.

See contacts page for details of local yards which can provide hirelings.

There are a range of horses available to suit the needs of all riders including novices and horses are delivered to the meets. Why not give hunting a try....its fun!!!



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