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South of England, Ardingly

We had some great results from this year's South of England Hound show at Ardingly. Farthing & Falcon came home as local champions, but there were a number of other hounds entered. These are some great photos taken by jsbee photography that they were happy to share with us



Dragon - VIP Auction



2021 Puppy Auction




Lockdown Hound Racing - the championship

What a race Sunday's championship was – all hounds were keen to get away, and the winner proved to be the front runner from the start. So how did they do?
The formal results
1st Pendock (5 backers)
2nd Bombshell (10 backers)
3rd Drizzle (4 backers)
The sweepstake
Following Pendock’s undisputed win, the five names who had backed him originally went into the hat for the prize money. Sally did the honours from the challenge cup and the first name pulled out was Sarah who wins top prize of £100, next up was Conor receiving £75 and third was Ashleigh. Sarah will be presented with the winner’s cup at the Rotherfield meet before Christmas
Congratulations to everyone. Looking forward to next year’s Ropley Grand National


Lockdown Hound Racing - the results to date

Two races in and three to go. How much fun have we had and a huge thank you to all our sponsors and everyone who has made these races happen.  The support has been fantastic and really quite competitive with almost every hound that has run so far having at least one backer.

Over the next 10 days we have three more races lined up

Sunday 6th December - The Barn Storn Stakes for New Entry Dog Hounds

Wednesday 9th December - The Munstead Horse Trials Stakes for New Entry Bitch Hounds

Sunday 13th December - The Championship for the eight hounds placed first or second in the qualifying heats.

The current qualifers are Pendock and Denton from Newlyns Farm Shop Stakes and Artful and Bombshell from the Fawley Farm Feeds Stakes. That means 10 supporters from race 1 and 17 from race 2 are already through to the final and in with a chance of being the sweepstake winners.



Lockdown Hound Racing

Over the next couple of weeks we are holding four hound races, with the first two hounds from each race qualifying for the Championship race, when we will crown our Champion Racing Hound 2020/21

The classes are as follows: 

Sunday 29th November - The Newlyns Farm Shop Dog Hounds – 9 entries
Wednesday 2nd December - The Fawley Farm Feeds Bitch Hounds – 9 entries
Sunday 6th December - The Barn Store ‘New Entry’ Dog Hounds – 7 entries
Wednesday 9th December - The Munstead Horse Trials ‘New Entry’ Bitch Hounds – 6 entries

Sunday 13th December - The Hampshire Hunt Hound Racing Champion – 8 entries

To take part, simply select your hound, place your stake of £5, or better still, select a couple of hounds in each race, to increase your chance of being on the winner, just click here to see the choice of hounds that are entered for the first race.

To give you a little flavour of what's to come, do watch our intro video where Charlie and Simon discuss the Course Walk in detail


Puppy Update

Dufficult to believe how tiny Murtle, Muddle & Muesli were just a few short weeks ago. They are now all out being walked together




In light of the announcement by the Prime Minister, this is a short update on Covid Compliance and the latest restrictions. Within his recent announcement, the Prime Minister has confirmed that outdoor physical activities and outdoor team sports can continue as per the previous guidance.

Covid Secure Guidelines
The Government have stated that operating under Covid secure guidelines will become a legal obligation and businesses will be fined (or even closed) if they breach Covid Compliance.

Social Distancing
We can not reiterate enough how essential it is for all followers (both mounted and unmounted) to adhere to Social Distancing at all times. This is particularly important on or near roads, as well as in gateways or other areas of potential congestion. Our opponents are keen to show the Hunting community in a bad light and will take every opportunity to capture any images of non-compliance (or just the impression of non-compliance).

“Rule of Six”
It is against the law for people to gather socially in groups larger than 6. There should be no pre or post hunting social gatherings at all that involve groups larger than 6. Again, our opponents are keen to show the Hunting community in a bad light and will take every opportunity to capture images of non-compliance (or just the impression of non-compliance). Please remind your followers that although their actions may be before or after Hunting and not part of the activity itself, any negative press impacts the whole Hunting community.

We have devised the following standard operating procedures to comply, and allow as many people as possible to come hunting:

  • No-one should leave home to participate in hunting if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of Covid 19.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of numbers for the mounted field.
  • Foot/Car follower numbers are not restricted but will be asked to stick to the public highways (without blocking them) and not to enter any parking locations/fields/coverts with the mounted followers. Social distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • For the time being, it is essential that anyone coming out hunting (mounted or on foot) form clearly distinct and separate groups of no more than 6
  • The Secretary will email all the information on the meets for the coming week on a Sunday morning by 10am, to all those who have paid their supporters club or mounted subscriptions in full.
  • Following the latest changes in legislation and advice from the Master of Foxhounds Association EVERYONE must pre-register to hunt with the Hampshire Hunt. Everyone means everyone, Staff, Masters, Mounted Field, Foot Followers, Land Owners, Keepers. Just click on the relevant link in the email for every day you wish to attend during the next week and submit your details. This enables us to be compliant with the NSH track and & trace system, which is now mandatory, checks will of
  • Those paying a day cap, must make payment by noon the day before hunting
  • Everyone attending a meet should have a face mask and a small bottle of hand sanitiser in their pocket. Please keep social distancing to 2 meters and most importantly follow the instructions of your Field Master at all times. We respectfully ask that there should be no sharing of food or drink either at the meet or in the field.
  • The Masters will cease all hunting activities and take hounds home immediately should Government guidance or social distancing rules be breached. Government guidance must be followed at all times and maybe subject to change.
  • Visiting is restricted to neighbouring packs only

The Masters are keeping the situation under constant review, with the main aim being to enable as many people to trail hunt, as possible. We ask only that you follow the standard operating procedures above, it is essential that you register in advance for each day you plan to attend. Please do get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions relating to any of the above.

With thanks for your cooperation - looking forward to a brilliant season

The Masters



Merchant - A True Champion

Merchant was walked by the Gregory family and below is Lara's view on having her first 'walking' experience and the excitement of winning.

"My experience of walking Merchant and Drafter was: chaotic, exciting, slobbery, amazing, clumsy but most of all great fun.Their varied diet included milk (and the glass bottles) and frozen pheasants (plus cling film). They learnt their names really quickly, despite other family members suggesting that we rename them Chaos and Confusion. Fortunately my parents remember only the positives so we now have Anthem and Antic - who are very well behaved.

I was really excited about the puppy show and pleased that Merchant had recovered from a blackthorn in his paw. He behaved impeccably in the show ring and having held my breath for hours as the judging took place I was so so delighted that the judges confirmed what I already knew - that Merchant was a true champion. He celebrated with his own lap of honour, completely oblivious of social distancing - it’s lucky it doesn’t apply to hounds. I can’t wait to see him out this season."




Cricket against the Surrey Union

The Hampshire Hunt 1st XI trounced the Surrey Union on the 3rd warmest day ever at Peper Harow, on the evening of Friday 31 July! It was a fun occasion of high class cricket in a most magical setting. Young and not so young showed off their skills and a lot of fun and banter was had. To be repeated!




2020 Puppy Show

While we couldn't entertain everyone, this year's puppy show was a great success with well deserved winners 


Photos from the day can be found here




Online Puppy Naming Auction

This year's puppies were named in our online auction and are now all out with their walkers learning about the world about them.